Tuesday, July 9, 2013

month of barakah

by the time im posting this entry, its already 1 Ramadhan 1434..waiting for Isya' and for musolla..still got time to write this (lol should be recite for Quran)..but somehow still wanna say it for antum and for me as we entered this month of barakah..let us do not waste it..i wont write the perks (fadhilat) of this month cause im pretty sure antum knew it better than me i bet..just that i say it again..do not waste it..cause Ramadhan is sure to come every year..but either we meet it again or not,  you cant say it with confidence..we got nothing..we're far from the opportunity to syahid, we dont have that kind of money to pray in front of Kaabah and etc..but still we got Ramadhan to fill..that the special things to us..30 days with the first 10 is rahmah (blessing), the next 10 is maghfirah (forgiveness), and the last 10 is the releasing from an-nar (hell)..looks how He really love us..the ummah of Muhammad pbuh..we just really got no shame if we still insist to let the month flow as nothing..so thats the only message from me for antum and myself for this Ramadhan..Ramadhan Kareem!!! Allahuakram!!!

this is one of the prayer that our prophet Muhammad pbuh suggested to us for Ramadhan