Monday, December 17, 2012


we always..nope it's not always..but then it's must for us to be lives with others..thought to that i'm always asked myself if i'm really can lives with becoming me with a cheer blooming..or maybe sadness rusting inside..if there got a statistical about's such an absolutely i can told you that 30 percent of me just an acting.. just to take care of other people feeling.."do the others also thought the SAME thing ON me..or they just thought the SAME things LIKE me"..this kind of thought was such an often to pop out in my might smell something from this post..just because human were full with perception..its're're not somekind of tools that can be control or else..same also..that was why we're called human being..we're not perfect..but we can just learned to be's just the matter of us..

 adaptation..learn to adapt..learn to adapt...make us becoming a good khalifah on this earth..YOU CHOOSE!!!ME ALSO CHOOSE....