Wednesday, May 15, 2013


woah!!! really got something here.

Someone said, "you really got a nice blog..i mean the way you talked and wrote..but somehow kinda messed up..why?? because you just wrote whatever you wanna say right..what if im suggesting you to stay for the one thing only..and i quite interested with our conversation just now..shared bout our dream..and you really always caught into such a nice dream..WHAT IF YOU SHARE ABOUT IT WITH YOUR READERS?? "

Ok wow. Im stucked for a while. The suggestion really get me into it. Cause it so yeahh, Matlutfi got his own own jokes but im not a joker, my friend's blog have their own style but im not that kind. So what if i do this. Not waste for anything if i give a try. LOL
so then, wait arrr you guys.....

let us open the gate of the new's a DREAM!!! a WONDERLAND!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Let just say i got two words to view tonight "not flexible". Can give a lot of damn evil things bout this two words. And the best part is just all bout us HUMAN or PEOPLE or FELLA or maybe FOLKS or right for sure it is ME. Then i told you "hey, we really have a crazy life right?" and the answer always be "YEAH YOU DAMN RIGHT..crazy life is all what we called got LIFE" but for certain condition we need to really be careful with any words that gonna jump out from that little thing known as MOUTH. Just kinda to avoid it from reverse curse. I got myself a really good morals for today. First is "not flexible"- people are not so like that as you look they are or THEY SAID THEY WERE. Second "not flexible"- you might be thought as full of yourself by not doin' that. Third "not flexible"- it'll caused YOU or OTHERS to be hurt.

 *how i really wish can live by myself and get a place where got no one in-self profound

Thursday, May 2, 2013


for each and everything that happened in my life..i felt good..great things to know you guys in the path of my life..maybe for sometimes i wanna be close with you..and maybe with other people..but trust me..i dont know if i really can say this..but somekind i felt im an expert already..make hurt or getting hurt by others..adapted if it in one became tone of my life..where it got plus (+) here or minus (-) there or even equal (=) here and please...dont be so nice to me..afraid that it might hurt you or maybe im hurting you..because im not good..and word bad was really suit me..SORRY..that is the only thing i can say right now

  you can just ignore me even if i fell in front of you..hesitated??? there's no need..