Tuesday, January 1, 2013

goodbye youth

being a bit late to post this..just because kinda have a little bit problem with my internet connection here..so people..its 2013..1st day of it..1st January of 2013..meaning a lot actually..and i already knocked the door of my adult day..a lot of things to come..a lot of things to think..what was need to be stressed out here was the kind of lot of responsibility..matured thingy and etc..people changed..so do i..but how we gonna changed was depend on us..it was a natural thing to human actually..wanna change from bad to good..but that natural thing positive thing ain't exposed because we human was denying it..so what i'm trying to said..lets just change ourself  before trying to find others..that the only way to make us better..because we human was an absolutely cant get out from making mistake..lets make 2013 as the year to find our own mistake and faults and make a change on it of course..there's no need to worry because He was an oft-forgiving..always seek for it and you will found it.. 

                       and if we can be as the first we were born..its good what..people loves us at that time:)

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