Tuesday, December 15, 2015

new things

For this couple of months after graduating, I have been facing so many new experiences that I never had before. I really wanna make the list for that experiences here but to think that the time I am writing this entry is working hour so you know.

    But lets focus on the latest one. From marine biologist to veterinary. What I'm gonna do? From dealing with marine organism to land one. Actually from what world the animal are coming from are not the problem. It is the matter of sensitivity in term of religion. That is very challenging one. Imagine that I need to touch one whole big dog. Of course wearing glove lol. Oh my God, yeah, that's what I said by the first time I saw them. Scared hell of shit of me. But by a week my feeling started to change towards them . By them I meant the dog and other kinda animals. Started to feel, yes I was born biologist. But who know what is coming up next. I am looking forward to that. That's the spirit! The best part of this job is they needed me to travel a lot. Visiting other veterinarians. 5 days working which mean 5 days travel. Never spend my time more than 10 minutes in the office. No need to concern about the fuel and toll, all covered. And you know what? I can't wait for the next year outstation, I'M GOING TO KOREA!

So basically here is my plot of ambition lol:
Primary school is a doctor. Secondary school is a lecturer in biology field. Matriculation is a reseacher/geneticist/biologist. In university I manage to accomplish matriculation's ambition as a researcher or maybe geneticist somehow. Graduate and Alhamdulillah still in the biologist lane.

one thing, Alhamdulillah.


  1. Allah is great! Congratulations in all achievements! :D *nak souvenir Korea :P

    1. alhamdulillah..insyaAllah weh aku tsk janji tapi ada rezeki insyaAllah haha

  2. Cemburu aahh. Tak nak kawan. Bestnya pathway kau sekarang. Good Luck :)