Friday, April 12, 2013

nostalgic moment

"saya ada buku" always be a sentence that start with da word "saya ada bla..bla..bla.."
is actually how i started to learn taught me how..and so yeah im not like other people..went for kindergarden or preschooling..not because having a financial brother and sister went there what..asking and the answer just "saja"-pa said..

now already grew up..think bout the past seriously kinda make me suddenly laughed and people thought im crazy..LOL..but is no big deal..
maniac could said "you shouldn't think bout the past,,just you cant move forward because of it"..LMAO who cares..even the memento still there..and even the past much much more better compared to this day


  1. Ikr, you are not who you are now if you have no learn from past. Thumbs up :)

    1. yeah right..lets create a time machine..we can go back to the past whenever we

  2. momento i had create a better betty :D